The concerned students of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). They urge the entire students body to boycott the online lectures scheduled to take off this week until management decides to listen to the voices of students and the SRC starts representing the REAL interest of students.

According to the group they have sent a letter dated April 9,2020 to management with the Dean of Students in copy.

Part of the letter states “We would like to urge all students to boycott the online lectures till management response to our concerns which you all are aware of.

 Efforts are being taken by the SRC to get free data for students for online lectures.
Also we’ve seen the statement by the GIMPA GRASAG President, urging students to embrace
virtual learning.

These calls and initiatives sounds good in the ears until we subject them to strict

The concerned students asked” What happens to students who do not have Vodafone sim cards for the free data? Are they to go out to buy the sim cards in this partial lockdown? Is it worth it to risk lives of students in the face of a pandemic?

Some may push the option of porting to Vodafone, then again you will know that this
cannot be forced because students are hooked to a network out of choice.

Assuming all students decide to port; what happens to locations with terrible coverage?
The GRASAG President’s appeal for students to migrate to virtual learning is neither here nor there.

Can one partake effectively in academic activities in the storm of a pandemic?

We think the statement seeks to belittle the magnitude of what is at hand, perhaps if they will look at GRASAG beyond the four walls of their leadership then they will know what students are going through. It added.

The Concerned students is therefore admonishing all student bodies to engage their members before clamouring pseudo statements.

“Are you aware that some of your students don’t even have food to feed? Do you know that some of your members are parents and therefore have heightened pressure dealing with their children who most likely are homeschooled?” They enquired.

Do you know if any of your students has contracted the deadly COVID 19 and is on

In case you don’t know some students have lost their livelihoods and
sponsors so they are not psychologically ready for all these. It noted.

“We will like to know why has management not given a detailed information on the online migration or is it just zoom video conferencing?

Going online is not a walk in the park neither is it merely connected on zoom. Assuming students
decide to fall for this bait, can management tell us what the revised fees will be since online will
be “affordable” as preached by the GRASAG President?

Students are not using the facilities so
we expect some downward review in fees.
GIMPA students pay full tuition fees, it is not subsidized in anyway so we cannot be coerced to
take everything hook, line and sinker.

Therefore, we the students of GIMPA are standing up to be counted as our national anthem says “to resist oppressors rule” and demand that all the above raised issues will be properly addressed in consultation with students. We mean a student representation which is not coerced.

We will like to call on all students not to be afraid of victimization or intimidation, together we
stand our grounds to demand the best due us.

“The Center of Excellence” has given us
everything short of excellence without making students their priority considering the fact that we are major stakeholders. It noted.


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