Wake Up From Your Slumber Africans!


Wake Up From Your Slumber Africans!

By Losu Daniel Mensah

May 30, 2020

Wake Up From Your Slumber Africans!
Wake Up From Your Slumber Africans!

Two minutes silence for Floyd and all those who have been murdered by the Caucasians.

Africans, the level at which we are quiet is getting out of hands. The level at which the whites are underestimating us is becoming outrageous. See how the white boy is showing wickedness! Look at how he is displaying ruthlessness! Have a look at how he is exhibiting monstrosity in its highest degree with supersonic speed approaching madness! My heart is bleeding profusely. What on earth will trigger a black man to exhibit this kind of inhuman attitude? The quietness is too much. I repeat it’s too much!

The murdering of the black men has no end point.

A black man cannot do this to a white man but can do this to his fellow Africans. Xenophobic populism is my evidence. This states vividly that we are not each other’s keeper.

Black man can be sentenced to death for murdering or killing a white man but this cannot be done to a white man. At what time are we going to get rid of “forgive and move on” statement? A situation so sorrowful.

Hey Africans! The Africa’s fabric is tearing apart just like when a hunter walks on dry leaves scattering the leaves in a tattered condition. Let us come together with one needle and thread and patch her perfectly. Africa is our motherland. Africa is our homeland.

Hey the youths and elders of Africa!

When are you going to wake up from your slumber? Why are you still arm folded in this crucial time? Why don’t you care to seek justice for your fellow Africans? My tears can no longer hold. What a shame on a nation!

Mr. White Person, what is wrong with you? Is your fellow human being an animal? Don’t you think? I repeat don’t you even think for a second? What at all has the black man done wrong to you? Our resources you used to develop from the ancient days and you are still exploiting them but at the same time the back of your hand is being using to accolade us. I don’t blame you much. It is the fault of my leaders. Colonial mentality has permeated all aspects of their lives.

Author: Daniel Losu Mensah (Efo Losu)

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