New Voter Registration To Begin Tuesday, June 30.


New Voter Registration To Begin Tuesday, June 30.

The date for the start of the compilation of the controversial new voter register could be Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

A letter sighted by and signed by Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Commission Ghana (EC). The one in charge of Corporate Affairs Dr Eric Bossman Asare to some political parties puts the date for the commencement of the exercise as such.

Moreover, already, a pilot registration has been conducted nationwide in preparation for the civic exercise. Which has divided major political parties in Ghana.

Also, on Tuesday, June 9, the Subsidiary Legislation Committee of Parliament. They recommended for adoption of the constitutional instrument (CI) that will guide the upcoming exercise, CI 126.

The controversy has surrounded the basic required documents to prove the citizenship of eligible voters.

While the EC claims the Ghanaian passport or a Ghana Card or even two guarantors is what is needed to register. Some major stakeholders, notably the National Democratic Congress (NDC). They are calling for the inclusion of the existing voter ID cards. As well as driver’s license or birth certificates for registration.

According to these dissenting groups. The EC would disenfranchise many Ghanaians if it does away with the existing register.

The Committee stated in the plenary that the issue on the mandatory documents for registration did not get consensus during sitting.

But Chairman Dominic Akuritinga Ayine said EC’s Deputy Chairman in charge of Operations, Samuel Tettey,  assured his Committee that enough voter registration guarantee forms would be made available at each centre for other registered voters to guarantee for those who may not have a passport nor a Ghana card.

Notwithstanding, the NDC has taken the EC to the Supreme Court over the matter


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