Fella Makafui tells story about her arrival in Accra and gradual rise to fame (video)


Fella Makafui tells story about her arrival in Accra and gradual rise to fame (video)


Fella Makafui has shared her experience about her rise to fame.

She was speaking in a video at the time she was featured. In as a star in the popular You Only Live Once (YOLO) TV series. Her story of how she left the village to start life in Accra is sure to inspire many people.

Ghanaian actress and wife of rapper Medikal, Fella Makafui has gone all out in a video telling how she left her village in the Volta Region for Accra to make a change in her life. Speaking in a video sighted by yennews.com.gh. Fella looked tiny in appearance and also at a point, was seen wearing a wig that looked hard.

Indeed, those were her early days as Fella looked simple than her sophisticated appearance and lifestyle today.

Narrating her story, Fella revealed that she told her mother that she was leaving the village to “go make life in Accra”. Her mother, she disclosed, did not try to stop her but rather encouraged her to go on with her plans. On arrival in Accra, Fella said life was not easy for her at all but she managed to keep herself going.

She one day had the opportunity to meet a friend who introduced her to the producer of YOLO. According to her, way back in secondary school, she was part of the drama group and loved acting so much.

Therefore, being introduced to the YOLO producer was something she really desired. Fortunately, Fella got the chance to feature in the series, and to her. That was a major breakthrough since her arrival in Accra.

She revealed that she expected to be given a ‘glamourous’ role. But her dream did not come through as she was made to act as a bread seller. Fella said she still appreciated the role and decided to give her best which has made her who she is today.

source: yennews.com

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