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We would all admit that essence of voting is to elect leaders to bring development to our communities. We form long queues on the eve to the day of ballot, fight ourselves for space just to exercise our franchise to cast our ballot to elect leaders. It is good we vote to elect leaders to lead us but what happens afterwards; total neglect.

Our leaders had refused to share the national cake equally, for us the indigenous rural communities need our fair share of the national cake. Foodstuffs, timber, cocoa, gold and other export commodities that fetch the government revenue for development come from us yet we are the venerable. Amansie west District; Mpatuom to be precise had suffered enough over the years in terms of development. Our road network is the most poorest and we don’t think there is a district in Ghana that can compete with us when it comes to poor roads. Did we join the long queues, fighting for space just to vote for neglect? It is a big NO.

Mpatuom since its birth had not seen a tarred road before yet there are towns who are still receiving facelift of their already tarred roads. Ah! Is this not an insult to our loyalty to government? We the youth this time round would advise ourselves. We would not wear red bands to demonstrate; no, we would demonstrate with our thumbs come December 7th. Mpatuom deserves better than this, hence we demand our road network fixed before this election. If the NPP government is refusing to see us in the map of Ghana; we would also refuse to see them on the ballot sheet.

Since democracy started in 1992, Mpatuom had been a strong hold of the New Patriotic Party yet we have nothing to show for our loyalty to the NPP. It saddens our heart to see our proud community a standstill, we stay in mud, walk for miles to get home when it rains and bath in dust when we are in the dry season. This is not what we voted for. Therefore the whole community of Mpatuom sides and stand with our Assemblymen Hon Fredrick Nkansah (Yentumi) and Hon. Anthony Amankwah calling for the government to come to our aid. The NPP government must pay us for our loyalty to the party before we change our stance.

We are pleading to the father-for-all, the listening President His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo, DR. Mammoud Bawumia, the Regional minister, the Roads and transport minister, the Hon. Member of Parliament for Amansie West, the Regional chairman of NPP Antwi Bosiako and all who matters to come to our aid. Mpatuom deserves better; Amansie West deserves better.

Concern youth of Mpatuom

Ernest Nuako Boateng



Ghana will get my sort of rapper after i’m dead – Sarkodie

Ghana will get my type of rapper after I am dead – Sarkodie

Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, documented as Sarkodie, has said his reign because the best rapper within the country won’t end anytime soon.

He predicted that the sole time Ghana will get his sort of rapper are going to be after his death.

The prolific rapper made this statement during a line of his new song ‘Gimme Way’ which featured Prince Bright.

According to him, being relevant within the music scene for an extended time despite the treatment from Ghanaians shows how strong he’s.

Sarkodie further rapped that he thought he was a tough guy until Dr UN gave him an empty bottle as a gift .

In spite of the challenges, the Sarkcess Music boss was very optimistic and believed in his capabilities.

Ghana will get my sort of rapper after I‘m dead – Sarkodie

Source: ghanaweb

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